​The Cold Room (Taylor Jackson, #4)

The Cold Room (Taylor Jackson, #4)

JT Ellison

Police Procedural, Romantic Suspense, Romantic Thriller, Series, Audio

Another great read. The Taylor Jackson  series reminds me a lot of the In Death series. I adore Taylor and Baldwin is the icing on the cake. Taylor’s career is in upheaval and her personal life is at a crossroads. The murders she is investigating are bizarre as well as artistic. As she hunts down the  killer her personal life is tilted by the introduction of a fellow investigator who flirts with her. While trying to contend with that distraction she has a new partner to train along with a new Lieutenant who leaves a lot to be desired. Not to be forgotten “The Pretender” is still lurking and Taylor is missing her “Murder Squad”. Add in a little globetrotting and this is a police procedural at it’s best.


Mulberry Moon (Mystic Creek #3)

Mulberry Moon (Mystic Creek, #3)

Catherine Anderson

I have always loved Catherine Anderson but this offering was a little slow. Ben and Sissy were a joy to get to know, but the storyline dragged a bit. Loved visiting old friends and looking forward to the next installment. Most of the book dealt with Ben chasing Sissy, Ben catching Sissy, Ben losing Sissy and finally Ben capturing Sissy’s heart. Along the way we are introduced to a host of friends, interesting pets and we eventually find out why Sissy is so distrustful of men and relationships. Overall an enjoyable read.

Come Sundown by Nora Roberts

This is a family saga that catches your attention from the first page. The Bodine ranch and resort in Montana is a idyllic place to stay. But even the most peaceful places has secrets and for the Bodine ranch it is Alice who disappeared 25 years ago. Ms.Roberts weaves two stories that keeps you engaged through the entire saga. Bodine Longbow and Callen Skinner reconnect as friends and workmates. When a body is found by Bodine and Cal the police points to Cal as a suspect. But Bodine and that rest of the family trust Cal even when another body is found. While the Bodine/Longbow family deal with a murderer Alice story unfolds in flashbacks and eventually converges into the present. As always Ms. Roberts stories have a great cast. The grannies are portrayed with love and laughter. The interaction between Bodine, her parents and her brothers is priceless. Bodine and Cal’s relationship grows over time and the secondary romances add spice and great double and triple dates. Alice drives the story and her growth as a person is a joy to experience.This is a stand alone book that is a fast and enjoyable read. 

Alone in the Dark by Karen Rose

Another great read by Karen Rose. Even though the subject matter is disturbing the way the story unfolds  sheds light on this increasing problem (human trafficking). Scarlett and Marcus are both damaged but together they heal each other and kill the demons that plague them both. The mountain of characters takes some getting used to but if you have followed the series it picks up at the end of “Closer Than You Think” . Many twist and turns, betrayals and gruesome torture of the bad guys. Fast moving but has tender moments intertwine throughout the entire book. Very lengthy but worth the time it takes to immerse yourself in this book that takes place over just a few days. Scarlet and Marcus relationship develops at warp speed but it fits in this instance. Has enough romance and suspense  to keep romance readers wanting more and suspense readers on the edge of their seats.

Headed For Trouble by Suzanne Brockmann

c36132The gang is all here. If you are a Troubleshooter fan you will love these short forays into their lives.This collection of short stories has it all. They are funny, dramatic and sometimes have heartpounding action. Some are previously printed at the end of full length books but having them all together is a plus.We get to revist some of our favorites Alyssa and Sam, Jules and Robin, Jenk and Izzy and we are introduced to new chracters Tony Vlachic, Rosie and Frank. Then there are the awesome interviews with the chracters, the conversation with Jenk, Gillman, Lopez and Izzy is really enlightening. These snippets let us see what they do during their down time and we get to see where some of the upcomimg books get their start ( When Sam and Aylssa Meet the Dentist). There is also a new novella , A Seal and Three Babies, which is at times funny, heartwarming and dangerous. The timeline is a plus and the glossary of Troubleshooter terms is helpful.For those who want to try the Troubleshoors series this is a good place to start. For those of us who are Troubleshooter groupies this is a nice visit with some old friends

Mine To Hold by Cynthia Eden

mine to holdYou can run but you can’t hide. Mine to Hold picks up where Mine to Keep ended. Claire Kramer has been running from her past since her parents were murdered when she was sixteen. Eight years later for the first time in her life she thinks she is safe and is ready to start her life anew. Noah York is a man in control. He is in control of his business, his emotions and his heart. When danger follows Claire to Noah’s doorstep will he lose control, will she lose her heart, will they lose their lives. A fast paced romantic suspense with plenty of heat, heart-pounding action and a surprise who-dun-it. Classic Cynthia Eden. Ready, Set, Run

Midnight Sacrifice by Melinda Leigh

n412553Beware of small towns with big secrets.After his attempt of capturing his next victim, for a Celtic sacrifice is twarted, Nathan Hall is lurking in the nearby woods in a small town of Maine. Fastforward four months Nathan is ready to try again for his second intended victim, Mandy Brown. Many think Nathan is dead but Danny Sullivan knows different. Danny returns to find Nathan who also intended for his sister to be his first victim. As poeple start disappearing one by one Danny seeks help from Mandy who balks at helping him. Why? Why won’t she help? Why won’t she cooperate? What is she hiding? Despite their strong attraction Mandy holds back a secret that may harm or help. Beware of small towns with big secrets