Come Sundown by Nora Roberts

This is a family saga that catches your attention from the first page. The Bodine ranch and resort in Montana is a idyllic place to stay. But even the most peaceful places has secrets and for the Bodine ranch it is Alice who disappeared 25 years ago. Ms.Roberts weaves two stories that keeps you engaged through the entire saga. Bodine Longbow and Callen Skinner reconnect as friends and workmates. When a body is found by Bodine and Cal the police points to Cal as a suspect. But Bodine and that rest of the family trust Cal even when another body is found. While the Bodine/Longbow family deal with a murderer Alice story unfolds in flashbacks and eventually converges into the present. As always Ms. Roberts stories have a great cast. The grannies are portrayed with love and laughter. The interaction between Bodine, her parents and her brothers is priceless. Bodine and Cal’s relationship grows over time and the secondary romances add spice and great double and triple dates. Alice drives the story and her growth as a person is a joy to experience.This is a stand alone book that is a fast and enjoyable read. 


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